About me





1996        Master of Arts , University of Applied Sciences in Münster/Germany
1992        University of Passau/Germany
1991         Academia di Belli Arti' in Urbino/Italy 

Solo shows 


2015        Memoir I am, co-star studio, Evanston, IL
2014        Chicken and Goats, 800 Elgin lobby, Evanston, IL
2014        Meet your Meat, Hevanston Gallery, Evanston, IL
2014        Meet your Meat, Arterie Fine Arts Gallery, Naperville, IL
2012        Meet your meat, studio 1610, Evanston, IL
2009        Strichhuhn, Porz, Germany
2006        Hühner, Atelier Köln-Deutz, Germany
2001        Was, wenn's doch stimmt, Porz, Germany
1993        Gut behütet, Städt. Krankenhaus Münster, Germany
1992        Art Happening, Zur Ehre Gottes - oder einfach nur so, Cologne Cathedral upper right tower, Germany


Curated exhibitions

2016        Spring Show, Co-Star, Evanston
2013        Blooming, Co-Star, Evanston
2001        2000 Jahre die Bibel, Life concert and exhibition, Porz, Germany

Group shows/ awards

2016        Artificial Turf, Co-Star studios, Evanston, IL
2015        UnforgettableArt, Alzheimer's Ass., Rockford, IL
2014        Best of Show, Morpho Gallery, Chicago, IL
2014        Proofs for Purchase, Noyes Cultural Art Center, IL
2014        Biennial Student Exhibition, with 'tuna by catch' Evanston Art Center, IL
2014        Awarded second prize, Reflections, Arterie Fine Arts Gallery, Naperville, IL
2013        Next Wave, Art Salon, Elgin, IL
2013        Awarded first prize, Distortion, Arterie Fine Arts Gallery, Naperville, IL
2013        Printmaking Show, Evanston Art Center with 'Carnal desire'
2012        Inchworks, Northshore Art League, Winnetka, IL

Presentations and press

2016        Intern. Art Talk, Cultural Bridge, DANK Haus, Chicago, IL
2015        Live performance Unforgettable Art, Alzheimer's Ass., Rockford, IL
2015        Alzheimer's at Maker's Salon, Chicago, IL
2014        Featured artist, Thought Notebook Journal, First Time
2013        Lecture, Women in the Arts, Woodland Academy, Lake Forest, IL
2012        Cover of the Evanston Art Center Catalogue


Professional Experience

2009 to present:     commissioned portraits for children and adults
2007                       Teaching Art service at the Naserian School in Malambo, Tanzania
2015 to present:     Art and ESL class with refugees at Heartland Association, Chicago
1996                       Monitor at the Wrapped Reichstag with Christoph Jeanne-Claude,  Berlin, Germany
1994                       commissioned Illustrations for the magazine Glauben & Leben, Germany
2000-2006             Art Direction Theater and Set Design, FeG Mittendrin, Bergisch Gladbach
1994-1998             Freelancing Graphic Designer, Kunhardt & Co, Cologne, Germany


Juliane von Kunhardt studied Fine Arts at the 'Academia di Belli Arti' in Urbino/ Italy and at the 'University of Passau' in Bavaria/ Germany followed by a Master of Arts at the 'University of Applied Sciences' in Münster/ Germany.

I have always been inspired by books, by stories at home where I spent my spare time portraying family, chickens, the house and farm.

"Eating Animals" by Jonathan Foer, not only confirmed my love for animals, but changed my cooking and buying behavior.  After I read it, I spent two years putting together a show which dealt about meat consumption, factory farming and its impact on our environment.

The book "1913" by Florian Illies, inspired me to make a portrait series of Intellectuals and Artists of that time. These talented and well-read personalities had such an impact on European culture and society. Yet they were ignorant of the fact that they were living right before WWI. This is very fascinating to me and the question, whether 100 years later, time should repeat itself.

My most recent chapter "Alzheimer's" is very much written by my Aunt who got diagnosed three years ago. Believing that no word and no thought will be lost in eternity, I am trying to give a voice to those who lack of words and to visualize the fear of "losing one's face".

The Collage "MEMOIR I AMshows the complexity of words, thoughts and memories, and the pain we feel when losing them. I have spent endless hours elaborating "synapse-like" doodling, layer by layer, drawing by drawing, and I am already dreading the moment, when everything will be gone and nothing will be decipherable anymore.




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